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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
(+44) 871.075.0336
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Bird Murmur is an LA-based full-service video production company creating TV commercials, online ad campaigns, branded content, and films.

We tell stories for a living. You have a message, a vision, and an audience that needs to hear it. That’s where we come in. Whether on-location or in the studio, our highly-skilled and professional team will guide you through the development process from concept to reality. We are a creation company, focused on bringing your story or project to life. We work with individuals, non-profits, agencies, production companies, and directly with brands to develop succinct, simple, beautiful video content. We listen to you, and we deliver.

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Our Services

Creative Consulting

We want to help solve your marketing challenges to achieve an optimal ROI. We are not here to sell you bloated production budgets with unnecessary add-ons. Let us help you build a content strategy that is catered toward your business.


Great content can only be achieved through great planning. We will take care of necessary pre-production — from scripts to pre-visualization — to make sure every single frame of content is compelling and meeting your brand’s aesthetic.


We are equipped to build whatever team necessary to suit the needs of your production. If you need a small documentary skeleton-crew or a full-scale narrative production, you can be assured it will be organized and within your budget.


There is a lot of competition out there for audience attention. We make sure that every pixel is edited down to the finest detail to help cut through the noise.

Music and Sound

Sound is half of the equation when it comes to video content. This is why we have honed our process to allow for exciting music and sound design. Whether the job requires original music or custom sound effects, we can write, record, mix, and master all of it.

Custom Delivery

In the ever-evolving landscapes of social media and digital-content, it is easy to lose track of your digital assets. This is why we provide specialized cloud-delivery solutions to help make sure that your content gets shared and reaches its intended audience.


I have used Bird Murmur for several projects. They’ve become my go-to resource when we need help. They are smart, professional and hard-working – they always get the job done. I feel like the success of the shoot is every bit as important to Todd and Kim as it is to me.

Neil Meyers - Founder and President, Connect Marketing

"Todd is super organized, dependable and creative. He’s always thinking of creating projects that emphasize the point of view less traveled but interesting as well, to make all sides stop and think about the different take on a particular subject. I depended on these qualities Todd has to help me finish multiple commercial jobs."

Kell Ramos - Producer/Filmmaker

"Bird Murmur is an impressive new company run by two stand-up individuals with years of experience. Highly recommend!"

Timmy Red - Actor/Musician/Voice Artist